Roku Developer Tools

Remote Tool

Tired of finding the right remote while testing your channel? Entering text into input screens in your channel slowing down development? Navigate your Roku and channel, send text to keyboard screens, and more with the Roku Remote Tool. You can even record and export keystrokes and import them later for simple automation needs.

Deep Linking Tester

Deep linking is a Roku channel certification requirement for readying your channel to support Roku Search or to work with banner ads. This web utility and companion channel make it very easy to send deep linking commands to your channel and to build deep linking test suites that can be shared with developers and QA.

Stream Tester

See how your video content looks on Roku before writing a single line of code. This utility lets you play content in our video stream test channel from the convenience of a web browser. As an added bonus, you can test your video ads, and even see how they will look when inserted into your video content.

BrightScript Profiler Visualization Tool

The BrightScript Profiler gathers important metrics such as CPU usage, "wall-clock" time (the real world time for functions to complete), and the number of times functions are called during the execution of your channel. Use this tool to analyze where performance improvements and efficiencies can be made in your channel.

Eclipse Plugin

The Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is used by millions of professional engineers around the world for coding and deploying rich applications. With Roku plugin channel developer would get an excelent and native support for BrightScript and RSG out of the box!